CM Punk Posts Offensive Tweet To The Miz And Then Deletes It

CM Punk Posts Offensive Tweet To The Miz And Then Deletes It

With the news that WWE is bringing an alternative to their iconic ice cream bars back to retailers, you would have thought CM Punk would have been celebrating yesterday. That though doesn’t seem to be the case, as The Miz’s WWE Backstage appearance appears to have triggered him big time.

As WWE Backstage was ending the Miz said:

Oh yeah, we are now done with WWE Backstage. They’re taking the microphones off of me, it was great, it was amazing. I feel like this was the best WWE Backstage ever. Name one that was better. Sorry, sorry I didn’t change the culture, my bad, my bad.
The Miz

This was a direct shot at CM Punk, who said he was there to change the culture on the first episode of the show he appeared on.

An agitated CM Punk would take to Twitter with the below tweet aimed at The Miz. He would go on to delete it approximately 45 minutes later, but not before screenshots were taken.

It isn’t a big secret that CM Punk dislikes The Miz. He resents the fact he main evented WrestleMania 27 instead of him, and obviously still holds a grudge. Ironically though The Miz didn’t actually attend the last Saudi Arabia show, so it wasn’t the best issue to go after him for.

It’ll be interesting to see how FOX, who CM Punk is working for, and the WWE react to CM Punk’s outburst.

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