Chris Jericho Bans Jim Cornette From Watching AEW Television

Chris Jericho Bans Jim Cornette From Watching AEW Television

Having either been fired from or burnt bridges with almost every major American wrestling company in existence, Jim Cornette now focuses on his podcasting career. While his shows are usually entertaining, they can be controversial. For instance, when he suggested Justin Roberts shouldn’t be allowed around children, Dana Brooke looking like a burn victim, and questioning Becky Lynch’s decision to get pregnant.

He also takes every opportunity he can to spew his angry vitriol at AEW due to his hatred of much of the roster, with The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega often being specifically targeted due to their roles as executive vice presidents. Even Chris Jericho hasn’t been spared Cornette’s sharp tongue, as he was heavily critical of the Stadium Stampede match at Double or Nothing, which Jericho took great pride in.

Jericho has now publicly spoken out on Twitter about his former Smoking Mountain Wrestling boss, banning him from watching AEW television until further notice.

I am officially banning @TheJimCornette from watching any & all future episodes of #AEWDynamite & #AEWDark. He is under @AEWrestling suspension until further notice. Thank you. #DemoGod

Chris Jericho

It isn’t clear what the final straw was, causing Jericho’s to introduce the ban. However, Cornette did refer to this past Wednesday debate between Jericho and Orange Cassidy as “an insult to your intelligence” on the latest Jim Cornette Experience.

We now wait to see if Cornette adheres to the ban or continues to hate-watch AEW religiously.

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