Jim Cornette Says Shocking Comment About Justin Roberts

Jim Cornette Says Shocking Comment About Justin Roberts

Jim Cornette’s disdain for AEW is well known to anyone who follows him on Twitter or listens to his podcasts. He hates Kenny Omega, he hates The Young Bucks, He hates Joey Janela, he hates Marko Stunt, and now it seems he hates AEW ring announcer Justin Roberts.

During his latest Jim Cornette Experience podcast, he was reviewing AEW’s Full Gear PPV and made the following very unpleasant remark about ring announcer Justin Roberts.

“Justin Roberts looks like he ought to be registered somewhere to be around children. He’s so happy. You see a fucking guy dressed up like that with that big smile coming across his face coming towards your kids, run.”

You can listen below.

The comment is particularly troubling because Justin Roberts was the person who got Connor Michalek involved with WWE after meeting him at the Royal Rumble in January of 2014. For those that are unaware Connor was the young child who tragically died of brain cancer and WWE would start the “Connor’s Cure” charity in his memory.

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