Add Konnor And Viktor To The List Of Wrestlers Released By WWE

Add Konnor And Viktor To The List Of Wrestlers Released By WWE

It’s seemingly WWE release day after Sin Cara and Luke Harper were released earlier today. Now you can add The Ascension to the list.

WWE would confirm this on saying:

WWE has come to terms on the releases of Jonathan Huber (Luke Harper), Sin Cara and Ryan Parmeter (Konnor) and Eric Thompson (Viktor) of The Ascension. WWE wishes them all the best in their future endeavors.

They didn’t even give them their own separate announcement, they just added them to the previous announcements on the site.

Konnor and Viktor are still the longest-reigning NXT Tag Team Champions, having held the titles for 364 days. Things, though, went wrong for them once they were called up to the main roster after a brief initial push. The pair quickly flopped as they were openly a rip off of The Powers of Pain, The Road Warriors, and Demolition, which was a dated gimmick, and they fell well short of those teams in terms of charisma and presence.

They’ve hardly been used in recent times, and it seemed a case of the pair running down their contracts until they left WWE, but instead, they have been cut early.

In case you missed it:

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