When “John Wick 4” Is More Believable Than Pro Westling

When “John Wick 4” Is More Believable Than Pro Westling

While actively writing for three major wrestling companies, I was always inspired by the current television I was watching or the movies I would see at the theater. I always aspired to be just as good as they were, if not better, regardless of the fact that I was always bounded to a wrestling ring. I honestly believe that while I worked with Vince McMahon, he felt the same way.

As a matter of fact, Vince once turned to me one day and said, “Vince . . . one of these days, we aren’t even going to have a RING.” Can you believe that? How far away from that has the business strayed?

I watched “WWE RAW” and “John Wick IV” this week within less than 24 hours of each other. The drastic differences in “believing” and “not believing” were on two completely opposite sides of the spectrum. In one case, you had a wrestler who showed up late for the show, spiriting across a parking lot to frantically get to a friend in need who was getting his ass beat. Then, once he arrived on the scene, he unleashed a brigade of “eggbeater punches” that literally couldn’t have hurt a fly—with its legs and wings dismembered.

In other words, it looked FAKED. There was no air of reality present. Fast forward a mere twelve hours later, and as I’m sitting in a movie theatre watching “John Wick IV”—which I know is FAKE—and I keep asking myself this same question over and over again—“HOW DO THEY DO THAT?” How can they possibly make that look so BELIEVABLE? It is so FAR FETCHED, but yet I’m sitting there caught up in the moment, suspending my disbelief and FIGHTING FOR MY LIFE right along with “Jonathan!!!” How is that even POSSIBLE?

Well, the answer is much easier than you might expect. In watching John Wick—I’m watching PROS. From Keanu Reeves himself to the stunt men, the stunt coordinators, the director, those involved with AI, and all the special effects—every single person involved with making this film.

Pros, man. I love watching PROS. I don’t care if it’s an actor, director, guitar player, or golfer, I LOVE seeing people who are the BEST at what they do—those that are there because they were BORN TO BE THERE—they possess a “Gift” that only very few have. And they don’t even have to be at the top level in Hollywood, in music, or on the sports scene. They can be character actors or studio musicians, but when you watch them—they are IMPECCABLE—they are PROS.

You know what, I don’t care how much heat I get for saying this; I’m really too old to care. Still, when I turn wrestling on my television set, I see AMATEUR HOUR at the Local Karaoke Club because that’s who the majority of wrestlers are today—AMATEURS—TOTAL AMATEURS. It all goes back to their training, and what they were taught was essential and what wasn’t. They were taught that jumping off a balcony could start a “this is awesome” chant, while SELLING a super kick—as if it would really hurt—means absolutely NOTHING.


They are kids who had a “dream” and found themselves on a wrestling show one day. There is nothing special. There is no gift. Only unbelievable, un-inspirational “moves” that mean nothing to the average television viewer, other than them asking themselves, “WHY are they doing that” and “Shouldn’t that hurt?”.

For every Chris Jericho, Roman Reigns, and Rey Mysterio, there are literally hundreds who don’t have a clue. They’ve convinced themselves they’re “over” when they don’t even understand what “over” is.

It’s insulting, man. It’s insulting to all those who built the very foundation—a foundation that they all basically now SHIT ON. Yeah, man, when a million rounds of ammunition are being fired at a dude in a black suit—with him not getting hit by a single one of them— is more believable than a wrestler taking a simple boot to the face—yeah—it’s fake—it’s phony—and NO ONE believes it.

So yeah, while I hope and pray for a “John Wick V” within the next two years, I also dread that “RAW” is now only six days away. That’s the DIFFERENCE between being OVER and not being OVER.