I’ve Only Watched One Full WrestleMania In The Last 25 Years

I’ve Only Watched One Full WrestleMania In The Last 25 Years

Yes, it’s true—I’ve only watched one full “WrestleMania” in the last 25 years. When I tell that to people, they think I’m lying . . . they think I lie about everything—I’m Vince Russo, AIN’T I? That heelish New Yawk character that people still believe was a SHOOT almost 25 years after the fact. But, yeah, the truth IS I’ve only watched ONE “WrestleMania” in its entirety since I left the WWE in 1999.

And, honestly, that number could have very well been ZERO. I only watched the one because I was paid to make a personal appearance around the WrestleMania in San Jose some years back, and during the show, I was bored in my hotel room. Again, to be honest, I don’t even know what number that was. I only remember they did an NWO vs. DX match that didn’t turn out the way the parties wanted.

Now, there’s a logical explanation for this Shocking Admission. From 1999-2012, I was employed by other wrestling companies, NOT the WWE. So, to put it bluntly, I was busy working on my own product. What the WWE was doing was of zero interest to me.

Then, when I left the Big Arena in 2012, I just had absolutely no interest in watching “WrestleMania.” Again, in an effort to be totally transparent, I may have watched portions of various WrestleMania’s simply to use Watch Alongs on “Twitch,” where I could promote and raise money for RussosBrand.com.

So, no, I won’t be watching WrestleMania Saturday or Sunday. I just have no interest in it. Of course, I will read the results to stay on top of the industry because that is my paying job, but taking 6, 7, or 8 hours out of my weekend… no … that will not happen. Watching hours of scripted matches isn’t going to make me any more knowledgeable at this point, as it relates to an industry that I’ve been associated with since 1991. And, as you know, I don’t get “off” on the scripted fights as the niche audience does. I’m a character and story guy, and that art is just non-existent in 2023.

But, bro, I’m not writing this to knock the “Granddaddy of Them ALL”, I have no interest in doing that. Every day you will hear me preach—“LIFE IS SHORT . . . YOU NEED TO ENJOY IT!!!” And, to some, that enjoyment comes in the form of the WWE, and that’s cool.

You see, when you reach my old, irrelevant age, you really start to realize what is important . . . and what’s not in your life. Wrestling is no longer important to me. It’s a job and a good paying one at that. I’m good at what I do because I have a strong opinion, I say what I really feel, I’m NON-Political, I have the experience—REAL EXPERIENCE—to back it up, and I possess a VERY LARGE PERSONALITY. So, to me, it’s giving a Performance about something I know very well.

But it’s not important. It’s not life and death. It’s a show. It’s only a show.

But, on this weekend, to the entire WWE Universe . . . enjoy the show. Have a good time. Spend time with family and friends, drink . . . responsibly, cheer the baby faces, and boo the heels—if you still do that. That’s what I used to do. I had a SOLD OUT HOUSE for “Wrestlemania 3”. I actually attended “WrestleMania 4 & 5” in Atlantic City. “WrestleMania X” was the first Mania I actually worked on. I brought my kids to the Fan Fest.

But that was then, and this is now. For me . . . it’s just not the same. It never will be. And that’s all right. Enjoy.