Vince Russo Writes: “Fire Vince”

Vince Russo Writes: “Fire Vince”

“Fire Vince.” So, this was the Battle Cry of the NXT Faithful during a commercial break on a recent Tuesday show. I “think” NXT is on Tuesday—truth be told, I haven’t watched NXT since the obnoxious Fans at “Full Sail” drove me MILES away from my television set due to their annoying, immature, and asinine behavior YEARS AGO.

So, now, it looks like even though the show is away from “Full Sail,” the same annoying, immature, asinine fans are still attending.

“Fire Vince” Yeah, I can remember the TNA Wrestling Marks chanting “FIRE RUSSO, around the same time that company was bringing two million viewers to “IMPACT” every week. TWO MILLION VIEWERS . . . What does AEW draw these days? Right—not even half of that.

So, now, we want to FIRE VINCE McMAHON, literally days after it became official that the CEO of the WWE will INDEED be back in FULL CREATIVE CONTROL under HIS Company’s New Buyer, “Endeavor.”

“Fire Vince.” I guess the Battle Cry rang throughout the arena because Vince being back in control of creative means Triple H is no longer the “Boss.” Like he ever was. As long as there is one ounce of air left in VKM’s lungs—no one ever has, ever was, or ever will be in charge of the WWE BUT HIM. So, yeah, maybe Triple H was the “Figure Head” for a Cup of Coffee, but the notion that he was ever running the joint—is ridiculous.

But, the Marks bought in. When Vince went home, they honestly and truly believed that he was done and Triple H was FINALLY in a place of “Creative Power.” And, who knows, maybe he was. “Some Extent.” Regardless, the notion that Vince was out and Trips was in somehow made WWE “Great Again” in the mind of the Internet Marks. From that point forward, WWE was now the show to watch again.
Really? No . . . REALLY?

So, what exactly was different about it? There were still no stories, episodic television, character building—it was pretty much the same show his father-in-law was producing with the only difference being Triple H putting NOT READY, INDY WRESTLERS, that his father-in-law FIRED . . . back on TV.

And how did that experiment turn out? Did MORE PEOPLE watch the show? Did Trips stop the bleeding and turn the tide around? Well, if you look at the numbers, they will show you that there was basically no increase in VKM’s absence and Triple H’s run.

Now, please don’t take this column for something it’s not. This isn’t about throwing “Shade” on Hunter; booking is demanding. It’s difficult. It’s hard. It’s challenging. It’s unforgiving, and NO, NOT ANYBODY CAN DO IT. No, this story is about the disrespectful, uneducated CULT WRESTLING FANS wanting to SHIT-CAN the same guy who brought them the WWE in the FIRST PLACE. And why? Because Triple H put his indie darlings on a stage, they never earned the right to be on? REALLY? No . . . REALLY?

Now, to be clear, I’m not a fan of Vince’s work either. I literally haven’t been since I left the company in the late 99′. Yes, it’s true, the man is out of touch—he has been for a while. On top of that, it’s hard for me to even look at him the same way today based on what he’s been accused of and the fact that he never claimed his innocence even ONCE—that speaks volumes. But, to absolutely SHIT on the guy based on what he did for the Wrestling Business over the past 40 years—by those who call themselves Wrestling FANS? That’s the equivalent of me POOPING on the “Say Hey Kid” Willie Mays, as an avid lover of hardball.

Man, it’s all about the NARRATIVE. The Internet/Dirt Sheet Marks love to create a Narrative, and regardless of whether there is any truth involved, they will crank it so far down your throat until you cry FIVE-STAR MATCH.

“Fire Vince.” Say what you want, but think about a wrestling business without Vince McMahon for the past 40 years. What would you have? Perhaps a “three-time booker of the year” producing “Fantasy Wrestling Matches” that only a very small, niche crowd cares about.