Vince Russo Writes: The Truth Behind Dirt Sheet Marks

Vince Russo Writes: The Truth Behind Dirt Sheet Marks

I pull no punches with Dirt Sheet Marks. I’ve had a history with them since 1991 . . . that’s when I was introduced to Dave Meltzer. But, today, I don’t want to get into that story here; I’m sure you’ve all heard it before, and if you haven’t, you can find it somewhere in my YouTube Archives. No, what I really want to discuss today is what a Dirt Sheet Mark REALLY IS.

Now, to proudly wear the Medal of Honor of “Dirt Sheet Mark,” there is ONE qualification that you must have. If you don’t possess it—then you can’t be in the Club. The prerequisite of being a Dirt Sheet Mark is . . . YOU COULD NEVER—AT ANY TIME—HAVE OFFICIALLY WORKED FOR ANY MAJOR WRESTLING PROMOTION OR ORGANIZATION. NEVER. NOT EVEN FOR ONE DAY. No, you read that right. The FACT is that none, zero, nada, zilch, goose egg, bagel, of the “TOP” Dirt Sheet Marks have ever, at any time, been employed by a major wrestling company. Not WWE, WCW, TNA, AEW—NONE. They’ve never received health benefits, days off, 401Ks, hell—they’ve never even been allowed in the building (unless they got a “fan” tour). And they DEFINITELY never got one of those lanyards with that laminated picture of themselves to hang around their Bearded Necks.

So, we’ve established that all Dirt Sheet Marks have never “actually” been in the wrestling business. This leads to the next obvious question; well, if you’ve never “actually” been in the wrestling business, then how ON EARTH could you ever consider yourself to be an “Expert”? Well, fortunately, there is an answer for that: “Because I’ve been to thousands of wrestling shows and have seen millions of matches.”

Well, wait a minute, I’ve been to many baseball games and have literally seen THOUSANDS on TV, but that doesn’t make me an expert. I mean, I never played the game at that level, never hung out in a dugout with the players, never sat in front of any locker room after any game, never personally knew anybody in the “front office,” didn’t know the GM and never even met the manager. No, can’t say I’ve traveled with a baseball team, shared a hotel room with another player, or seen the wear and tear of the body in the trainer’s room. No, I’ve never done any of that. And, you know what . . . that’s why I’m JUST A FAN. A “GLORIFIED” FAN at best. And, I REVEL in that. I love baseball, I love the game, I love everything about it, but, NO, I’m NOT A PART OF IT. My role is that of a fan, which means that I don’t know what the “insiders” know. I only know what I see and what I think. True, I have some knowledge . . . but. . . I’m no expert. To gain my total understanding of the sport, I look to those who have been there and done that, and I sit on their every word. And, as my parents taught me when I was just a small child . . . I respect EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM.


That’s where the Dirt Sheet Writers come in. So, we’ve already established that they’ve never actually been “employed” in the business. They’ve watched and witnessed it as fans. So then, HOW do they seem to know more than those who are actually IN IT? How is this even possible? I mean, we know they know more simply by the way they insult and disrespect the former players of the game. The same players who even made it possible for them to make a buck on the “FRINGE” of the industry. The word they love to throw around is “irrelevant.” If you played the game in a previous generation, you are now deemed “irrelevant,” which means worthless—nobody would care if you were dead.

Well, Vince, if they’re not in the business, then how do they get that “inside information” that they charge us our hard, earned money for? Great Question. According to the “experts,” they get that info from their “SOURCES.” Now, we don’t know who those sources are, they never tell us, but they are ALWAYS quoting their “sources.” Now, mind you, “sources” can be “Big” Jim, who works catering, a guy on the ring crew, a make-up person, or even someone who is working the building where the show is at. Some will actually tell you that their sources are “TOP GUYS.” Well . . . which “Top Guys”? And, who do YOU consider a “Top Guy” anyway? Is ROMAN REIGNS feeding these Dirt Sheet Experts? No, I really don’t think so.

So let’s now take a look at WHO the “Top Guys” are that are feeding them all this “inside” information.