Sarah Logan Taking Break From Pro Wrestling

Sarah Logan Taking Break From Pro Wrestling

Sarah Rowe, who was previously known in WWE as Sarah Logan, has announced on her Instagram account that she is concentrating on other interests and taking time away from pro wrestling after being part of WWE’s budgetary cuts on April 15th.

A lot has changed in my life recently and I have stepped away from wrestling for the foreseeable future. Wrestling is all I’ve known since I was 17 so it’s time I let myself focus on other things and explored other parts of myself. My Instagram is going to be different but I promise it will always reflect me. Sarah Rowe

Rowe has been wrestling since 2011, working independents before she signed with WWE and received her big career break as part of the Riott Squad along with Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan in 2017. Once the group separated, her career stalled, and she ended up being squashed by Rhea Ripley on Raw, and again by Shayna Baszler at Elimination Chamber.

She won’t be totally detached from the wrestling world as her husband, Raymond Rowe, is still with WWE, wrestling as Erik, a member of The Viking Raiders tag-team.

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