WWE Network Crashes During Starrcade Special

WWE Network Crashes During Starrcade Special

Starrcade was once one of the biggest shows in all of pro wrestling, headlined by the likes of Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Sting, Goldberg and Roddy Piper. Now it is a WWE special house show event shown on the Network as one hour special for bonus content.

Unluckily for fans wanting to watch the special, it became challenging because the WWE Network crashed. Reportedly the issues were mainly in the Midwest and Northeast of the US. The reason for this isn’t known because as of writing WWE hasn’t addressed the issue.

WWE would do the best they could given the circumstances and put the stream on their YouTube channel 20 minutes into the hour special. At its peak it had just over 40,000 fans watching live. That figure either indicates there wasn’t that much interest in the event or they did a poor job getting the word out to fans. After the presentation, WWE would set the video to private.

The broadcast show itself was a letdown because WWE did not deliver the advertised main contest of Bobby Lashley vs. Rusev in a Last Man Standing Match. Instead, Lashley won by forfeit when Rusev’s restraining order stopped him competing.

Kevin Owens would come out and face Lashley instead, but that ended in a DQ win for Lashley when Rusev ran in and attacked Lashley, violating his restraining order anyway.

Whatever happened to the Network will likely remain a mystery, but hopefully, WWE has learned from it. Imagine if it happened during WrestleMania!

In case you missed it:

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