WWE Ban The Move That Contributed To Sting’s In-Ring Retirement

WWE Ban The Move That Contributed To Sting’s In-Ring Retirement

At WWE’s Night of Champions PPV in 2015, Seth Rollins hit Sting with a Buckle Bomb, which would contribute to ending the illustrious career of the WCW icon. Sting would later tell Ric Flair on his now-defunct WOOOO! Nation podcast that he was lucky a catastrophe didn’t happen that night, and he required surgery for cervical spinal stenosis he wasn’t aware he was previously suffering.

At the time, many fans were vocal, saying the move was too dangerous, and shouldn’t be used, although Sting would later say he didn’t blame Seth Rollins. That said, Rollins would also injure Finn Balor using a version of move on the outside of the ring at SummerSlam 2016.

Now though, WWE has decided to take action and banned the Buckle Bomb after Nia Jax botched the move on Kairi Sane during their match on the April 20th episode of Raw. Thankfully, Sane wasn’t seriously injured, but it looked very scary.

For many years, WWE has been concerned with neck injuries, previously banning the Piledriver for that very reason, so it is surprising this decision took so long to make.

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