Why WWE Did The Randy Orton Injury Angle On Raw

Why WWE Did The Randy Orton Injury Angle On Raw

At WWE’s house show in Hershey, Pennsylvania, it appeared that Randy Orton was legitimately injured during a match. Videos went around social media, and many fans feared the worst. Due to being informed it was storyline Web Is Jericho did not cover the injury on our website but did mention it was an angle on Facebook and Twitter.

On Monday’s Raw, the angle played out with Orton making a speech about the injury, but it ended up being just so he could fool AJ Styles and would hit him with an RKO confirming he was not injured.

What was interesting though was while Orton was addressing his storyline injury, he mentioned Edge.

“I’ve seen champions that have surrendered their title because of injuries. I don’t respect many people, but one man I do respect Edge, he had to surrender his entire friggin career because of an injury, nobody wants to see that happen.”


Apart from needing to fill 3-hours of television each week, we’ve been told the reason for the angle was so WWE could remind the fans about Edge’s injury situation, and somewhat foretell his return.

As we reported in December, Edge has signed a new WWE contract and is expected to return to the ring after a 9-year layoff.

In case you missed it:

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