Edge Has Signed A New WWE Contract Ahead Of His Return To The Ring

Edge Has Signed A New WWE Contract Ahead Of His Return To The Ring

Speculation has been widespread since Edge hit Elias with a spear at this past SummerSlam that a return to the ring could be possible.

It has now been confirmed that Edge has signed a new contract with WWE, which reportedly has a decent upside. It isn’t a Legends deal, so it would seem he will be wrestling again. When and where is not known, neither is how regular his schedule will be, although common sense would say it would be part-time at best.

It should be noted that Edge has been denying claims he will be wrestling again, and that is likely, so his return is a surprise and gets the reaction it rightly deserves.

On one of his final E & C’s Pod of Awesomeness podcasts, he discussed his neck injury:


I think in terms of my neck there’s a lot of miseducation. When I first found out with my retirement speech, I said what I knew at that point. I’ve since learned a lot more. I’m a highly physical person. I fell off a mountain bike a few weeks ago. They don’t give me a stunt double.

To be perfectly honest, I think I could do a match tomorrow … I might be blown up, but I’d be okay.

So it looks like we will be able to watch Edge’s triumphant return to the ring in 2020, and if it comes at WrestleMania 36, it will have been after a 9-year layoff.

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