Vince Russo Writes: Stop With The Excuses

Vince Russo Writes: Stop With The Excuses

Sometimes I have to wonder; did those who tweet about the WWE’s “Attitude Era” ever even witness one episode of it? Seriously? Did you actually experience it, or are you just speaking out your ASS about what you “think” it represented?

This past week I put another beating on WWE Creative. Whether that be Triple H or Vince McMahon, it doesn’t matter—“RAW” SUCKED. And when I say SUCKED, I’m not talking about the Creative Ideas. All Creative is subjective—some people are going to hate the exact same thing that others are going to love.

No, what I’m talking about here is EFFORT. The EFFORT I’m seeing going into every episode of “RAW.” And I’m not talking about the effort in the ring; wrestlers are Blue-Collar Workers, and they always give 100% between the ropes whether there are two people in the house or 2 million. I’m talking about the CREATIVE EFFORT. They are phoning the show in. They have been phoning the show in for years. What was once “Must see TV” is now “Don’t Waste Your Time TV.”

Why? Because those in charge DON’T CARE. The company is making more money than they ever did—thanks greatly to the Saudi deal—basically relying on the glory of days gone past. Trust me; deals are not being made off the back of a current product that NOBODY is watching. Deals are STILL being made off the backs of Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Randy Savage, the Undertaker, Rock, Austin, Socko, Cena, etc. But, as the GREAT “Road Dog” would say, “Bless their Hearts.”

Faithful WWE Marks will FOREVER make excuses for “Raw,” no matter how bad it gets. That’s what they do—which I will never understand. When my team, the San Francisco Giants, STINK—I say they STINK. I have NO PROBLEM saying they stink. But not the loyal WWE Marks. Bro, literally, Matilda could come back to life, walk into the ring, squat, take a steaming DUMP, and the WWE Marks would claim it’s the GREATEST THING they ever saw on TV!!!

But, above all, here’s my FAVORITE Excuse. Well . . . they can’t do what they did during the “Attitude Era” . . . it’s a different time. So then I ask, “What exactly did we do during the “Attitude Era”? Well, just today, somebody tweeted that we did, and I quote—BLOOD, NUDITY, and CURSING”. Wait—we had NAKED MEN AND WOMEN on “RAW”? Did I miss that episode? And, as I currently am reviewing all of the shows I wrote during the “Attitude Era,” I’ve yet to see Blood—ONCE. We never wrote blood on TV that was for the PPVs. So what’s left? Oh, yes, the CUSSING. I’m gonna KICK YOUR ASS!” Austin to the “Rock,” “You stupid SON OF A BITCH!” Yeah, bro, ABSOLUTE VULGARITY!!!

Stop with the excuses. If you don’t push the WWE to improve, they won’t. The ratings of “RAW” have dropped since 2000. That’s a period of TWENTY-THREE years. And, why is that? Oh, yeah, people are watching the show on their PHONES. Please, man, save your excuses for your third-grade teacher when you’re late with a paper.

I say “RAW” STINKS because “RAW” STINKS. Are you watching any other shows on TV? “Yellowstone”? “Tulsa King”? “Last of Us?” Go watch those shows, then report back to me and remind me how GREAT “Raw” is. Just like back in 1996, the ENTIRE WORLD has once again passed the WWE by. They are out of touch and have been for well over a decade. They DON’T CARE. There is NO ACCOUNTABILITY”. You have a ratings decrease of over 20 years, yet, you have some of the same people involved CREATIVELY. How does that work?

And, perhaps the saddest thing . . . where is their PRIDE. THEIR NAMES ARE ON THE SHOW. They CREATED IT. Do you not care about the “Incredible Shrinking Audience?” It means that fewer people watch your show—year after year. Those writing are simply NOT DOING THEIR JOB. Yeah, the WWE IS INDEED making money handover first, but not addressing their cornerstone show is going to catch up with them when the next round of subsequent deals come into play. Then, perhaps when they see their pocketbooks affected—then, and only then, will they attempt to improve “Raw.” But for the now—the show will still SUCK on Monday, and the Marks will make excuses and Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

Vince Russo