Velveteen Dream’s First Indie Appearance Since WWE Release Canceled Due To Fan Backlash

Velveteen Dream’s First Indie Appearance Since WWE Release Canceled Due To Fan Backlash

Patrick Clark, who wrestled as Velveteen Dream, was released by WWE in May. The belief was that it was related to serious accusations previously made against him. While he denied the claims, his name was tarnished, and any time he performed, fans on social media would bring up the allegations. Later though, it would come out that his release was related to an unspecified incident which when WWE found out resulted in them letting him go.

At the time, it wasn’t known if Clark intended to carry on his wrestling career when his non-compete expired. But on Wednesday evening, he was advertised for an indie show on September 11th in Toms River, New Jersey. However, within two hours, the promotion would announce on Twitter he was off the show due to the adverse reaction from fans.


Tonight we announced Velveteen Dream would be appearing at our Home Sweet Home event. I believe any man can be slandered and have been through other situations in my life unrelated but untrue. After careful consideration, Dream has been removed.

SWF Owner/Founder Rob Fury

This doesn’t bode well for Clark being able to continue his career because if he can’t even wrestle an independent show without fan backlash, it’s doubtful any major company would want to deal with the repercussion. It should be noted that while the court of public opinion has seemingly found Clark guilty, he has never been arrested, and WWE is said to have investigated the claims and cleared him.

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