Triple H Comments On Drake Maverick Earning A New WWE Contract

Triple H Comments On Drake Maverick Earning A New WWE Contract

Drake Maverick was part of the mass cuts made by WWE on April 15th, but because he had already been advertised in the tournament for the interim Cruiserweight Championship, WWE decided to turn his release into a storyline. They had him continue wrestling on NXT while he was still being paid during his non-compete period, and Drake would end up making it to last night’s tournament final.

He ended up losing to El Hijo del Fantasma, and it seemed Maverick’s WWE career was over, but following the match, Triple H came out, shook his hand, and offered him a new contract in a what came across as a genuinely emotional moment. It played out so well that some fans had wondered if Maverick was ever really released, and the whole thing had been a storyline from the start.

As luck would have it, Triple H was doing a media conference call today and was asked about the situation, and explained it started off real, but Maverick was able to work his way back into a job.

He was given the option of continuing the tournament, wanted to, and wanted to prove he should still be here.

When the release happened, it wasn’t like he was involved in anything, so you know it just happened the way it did, but through the process of this tournament man, he just captured people’s hearts, captured their imaginations, and earned that spot.

It was already out there in the biggest way possible, so you either ignore it or you turn it into something, and we turned into something based of him and his performances.Triple H

Triple H didn’t address the subject of Maverick’s new contract, and that might be because it’s rumored to be for less money than what he was previously earning, but it’s likely Maverick is just happy to have secured another opportunity with WWE.

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