Tom Segura Mocks Wrestling Fans And Receives Backlash From Numerous Wrestlers

Tom Segura Mocks Wrestling Fans And Receives Backlash From Numerous Wrestlers

On his Your Mom’s House podcast, comedian Tom Segura shared his thoughts with his wife and co-host Christina Pazsitzky about wrestling fans. He’d say:

So many guys love wrestling, I think wrestling is for fucking retards, but so many people like it. It’s the fucking stupidest shit, and I think you’re a fucking tool if you’re like, ‘Hey man, it’s not fake!’ It’s fucking fake, and you’re a fucking idiot. They’re not real fights, these are just stunt people. And the fact people are like, ‘Man, did you see The Undertaker?!’ It’s pathetic, you’re a pathetic person.Tom Segura

After speaking to his wife, who had attended a show previously, he’d add:

If you’re over 11 years old and you think, ‘Did you see SmackDown last night? This is what the wrestling ads should look like: ‘WWE: This is for retards.’ That should be your label for wrestling. It is not a real sport.Tom Segura
[AdSense-A] Once the clip began to go viral, numerous wrestlers would comment on social media, and you can see some of the replies below.

Aww man, I’m like legit a huge fan of his. And although everyone does has their own opinions, this makes me sad.Ricochet
Hi Tom, big fan of both you and Christina P, for years. I am a former collegiate wrestler turned professional wrestler, and a lifelong wrestling fan. I have been with WWE for 15 years now and we are the epitome of sports entertainment. There are villains, heroes, undertakers, superheros, and everything in between for children and adults of all walks of life. We are just like any TV show, movie, & even podcast, except, our risks are much more real (sans Tom Cruise hanging on to the outside of Elon Musk’s spaceship). I am extremely proud of the incredible work wrestlers continue to put in everyday and I am pleased with our product (usually). I will assume this is a comedic take from someone having fun. If not, I am always willing to discuss the professional wrestling business at length, any time and any place.Dolph Ziggler
Next week: Neckbeard discovers Santa’s not real!!! Discusses with dry ass white lady in basement for 9 hours. DON’T MISS IT!!! New Jack
Hey @tomsegura I’m the TNA HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION. And I will also beat your ass in under a minute. BOTH STATEMENTS are very REAL.Moose
Hey @tomsegura, anytime you’d like to feel and experience just how real wrestling is, please let me know. I’d thoroughly enjoy showing you. #whosTomSegura? Abyss
I love ya Tom. Big fan of your specials. We have plenty of mutual friends. If I can ask ONE favor. Go to Netflix (I’m sure you’re familiar) & watch “Beyond The Mat”. Not because I’m in it (cheap plug) but because you can get a glimpse of what we as wrestlers REALLY go thru. Deal?Blue Meanie

While the saying is all publicity is good publicity, it will be interesting to see if the extra press he has received from his comments were worth losing the support of the wrestling community.

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