The XFL’s New Rules Have Been Announced

The XFL’s New Rules Have Been Announced

With Vince McMahon’s new XFL kicking off Saturday, February 8th, the organization has announced its rules and clarified the differences between theirs and the NFL.

You can read them in detail at But we’ve listed a brief summary below.

  • There will be no coin toss as the home team will pick who kicks off. During overtime, the visiting team chooses.
  • Kickoffs are from the 30-yard line. Any ball that bounces out of bounds will go to the 45-yard line.
  • After scoring a touchdown, teams will have no opportunity to kick for an extra point. Instead, teams have the option for a single point play from the two-yard line, a two-point play from the three-yard line, or a three-point play from the ten-yard line.
  • In overtime, each team will have five single-play possessions from the five-yard line. They will keep going until there is a winner.
  • Forward passes will be allowed twice in each play.
  • One foot in bounds counts for a possession.
  • There will be nine officials during a game.
  • Reviews of a play can be done after calls inside five minutes remaining in the fourth quarter.
  • Offensive linemen will be allowed to go two yards downfield when a pass is thrown.
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    It appears that these changes have been done to speed up the game, increase scoring and avoid overtime, and ultimately differentiate the XFL from the NFL.

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