The Undertaker Says Vince McMahon Is “A Caring Human Being”

The Undertaker Says Vince McMahon Is “A Caring Human Being”

With his “Final Farewell” set for next weekend’s Survivor Series, The Undertaker spoke to the New York Post to promote the pay-per-view. During the interview, he would address the claims that Vince McMahon kept making him return over the last few years. He’d refute these, denying he can’t say no to McMahon, and describe his boss of the last 30 years as both “a caring human being” and “not the monster that people think that he is.” The Undertaker would add that he “can walk away anytime I want.

McMahon is often portrayed only as a ruthless businessman, and the recent firings of Gerald Brisco, Tony Chimel, and Zelina Vega would support that. “Superstar” Billy Graham has even gone as far as to describe McMahon as “the single most evil human being walking the face of the earth.” However, The Undertaker has clearly had much more positive experiences with McMahon and seen a side of him few others will ever experience.

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