The Rock Presents The ‘BMF’ Belt At UFC 244 (w/Video)

The Rock Presents The ‘BMF’ Belt At UFC 244 (w/Video)

This past Saturday night, The Rock was in attendance (as was Donald Trump) at Madison Square Garden for UFC 244. He was there to present the “Baddest MotherFucker” belt to the winner of Nate Diaz vs. Jorge Masvidal.

The BMF name came from Diaz after his win over Anthony Pettis when he suggested a match between Masvidal and himself should be for the “Baddest MotherFucker” title. The idea caught on and UFC President Dana White had it made, featuring “BMF” on the center plate, on 500 on one side to represent the show being the 500th in UFC history, and on the other 244 for the event’s number.

You can watch the Rock wrap the belt around Masvidal’s waist below as he was victorious in controversial style. The doctor had ended the fight between rounds three and four due to an eye cut.

The general conscious was the fight wouldn’t have been stopped if it wasn’t being held in New York and fans and fans booed and chanted “bullshit,” so a rematch is inevitable.

In case you missed it:

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