Talk Is Jericho: Nick Groff… Death Walker

Talk Is Jericho: Nick Groff… Death Walker

Paranormal investigator Nick Groff has been interested in aliens, UFOs, ghosts, and hauntings since childhood! He’s worked on Ghost Adventures and Paranormal Lockdown and now has his own show, Death Walker. He explains how his desire to do solo investigations in a list of very specific places led to the creation of this show. He talks about the spots and cities he investigated, the experiences he, his wife (who’s a medium), and his cousin (who also serves as his cameraman) caught on film, and the lengths he went to authenticate the footage. Nick details his documentation from The Western Block in Lockport, New York, the Iron Island Museum in Buffalo, The Anderson Hotel, and the Sally House and describes the weird scratches he’s received on his body and spirits who’ve shown themselves to him. He also reveals what it’s like living in a haunted house and shares his own real-life experience of witnessing a departing soul at the scene of a terrible car accident.

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