Talk Is Jericho: Dustin Rhodes – 35 Years of Wrestling Gold

Talk Is Jericho: Dustin Rhodes – 35 Years of Wrestling Gold

Dustin Rhodes has had some fantastic matches in his career and talks about a handful of his favorites, including the 1992 WarGames, where Sting’s Squadron took on Dangerous Alliance. He breaks down his Wrestlemania 12 Backlot Brawl with Roddy Piper and shares what went as planned and what didn’t in that match. He shares what inspired his big lingerie reveal, what happened to his gold Cadillac and Piper’s white Bronco, and what it was like to film on the Universal Studios lot. Dustin also talks about the emotional AEW Full Gear match he had with brother Cody and what it felt like to do a match he’d been pitching for years prior at WWE. He remembers being in the ring with Ricky Steamboat, traveling the roads with Sting, and the moment Vince McMahon pitched the Goldust character to him. Oh, and then there’s that story about when he came face-to-face with a Chupacabra.

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