Ryback Shoots On WWE’s Wellness Policy And Says Referees Would Warn The Wrestlers

Ryback Shoots On WWE’s Wellness Policy And Says Referees Would Warn The Wrestlers

WWE’s Wellness Policy has caught several wrestlers the last few months, including Samoa Joe, Andrade, and Robert Roode showing WWE are taking the policy seriously again, having not had any failures since 2016.

Ryback would discuss the policy on his Shooting Blanks Wrestling Report podcast, saying that the policy has holes in it and call out the time taken between failure in suspension, potentially referring to Samoa Joe’s suspension, which seemingly took three weeks to be announced.

Ryback would comment on this saying:

This is where there’s holes in the drug testing, when a guy tests positive, the guy should be suspended, and it’s announced immediately. That shows that the drug testing company is a bullshit thing. That should be enforced immediately. Those part-timers who come in, these guys aren’t getting drug tested, and it’s not fair to the full-time talent.

Ryback would also shockingly share the fact that when he was with the company some referees would warn the wrestlers about upcoming tests seemingly allowing them time to take steps to not fail.

A lot of them people smarten the guys up to when the drug testing is gonna be in advance. It’s a weird system. It is, in fact, drug testing, but like, there but there are some holes. I know guys there that were taking some fucking different things that were performance enhancement drugs, and they’re not showing up on the test.

Ryback would add that not all PED’s were just for making wrestlers look better.

Some of those guys, like Joe, you don’t look at them and think they’re taking a PED. But also, if you’ve fucked up, then you do take things for recovery. So, I’ve seen a lot of people that don’t look like they take stuff, and you’d be shocked that they are taking stuff.

Ryback himself did fail a Wellness test himself back in 2006 while wrestling for part of WWE’s developmental associated Ohio Valley Wrestling promotion. The failure was for taking over the counter bodybuilding supplements that were eventually removed from sale due to this effect. Despite this his strike was not removed.

You can listen to all of Ryback comments from the 29 minute mark.

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