Mark Briscoe Comments On His Brother’s Passing

Mark Briscoe Comments On His Brother’s Passing

The wrestling world is still mourning the tragic death of Jay Briscoe, who lost his life last week in a traffic accident. And now, the morning after he wrestled a tribute match to his brother in the main event of Dynamite, Mark Briscoe has publicly commented on his passing. Appearing as upbeat as anyone could be given the circumstances, The ROH Tag Champion would say that he is carrying on for Jay and that he believes that life is temporary and that he knows his brother has moved on to a higher level of existence.

Y’all already know family is beyond, been beyond important to me. My life 23 years, me and my brother been riding the roads, making towns, hitting different countries. Ain’t no way that I’ve been wanting to do this for this long. Boy with me the whole time, but now it’s going to carry on for him. You understand what I’m saying? Family is beyond this. Life is temporary. Let’s focus on the eternal, not the temporary.

My brother ain’t here with me. I brought my beautiful wife with me. But if my brother ain’t here with me as he normally has been, normally would be, but he’s still with me right here, and he ain’t gone. If I thought he was gone, then I wouldn’t be no good. I know he ain’t gone. I know he just moved on to the next higher level of existence. So you know what I mean? That’s what keeps me pushing forward.

Mark Briscoe

The Briscoe Brothers had been banned from appearing on TBS due to some objectionable comments made by Jay a decade ago on social media. Nevertheless, his passing would bring the best out in executives, as despite initially refusing to allow Mark to appear to pay tribute to his brother, they changed their minds this past Monday. And Mark would do his brother proud in hard-hitting content with Jay Lethal which was a fitting tribute and will be long remembered by anyone who witnessed it.

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