Hellboy Training For All Japan Pro Wrestling Debut (w/Videos)

Hellboy Training For All Japan Pro Wrestling Debut (w/Videos)

The famous movie character Hellboy is going to make his debut in the world of professional wrestling.

Hellboy will be wrestling for All Japan Pro Wrestling on September 3, teaming up with Jake Lee and Koji Iwamoto to face Takao Omori, Black Menso~Re and Hokuto Omori.

It will be a one-off appearance in partnership with the Hellboy movie ahead of its release in Japan next month.

Training videos for Hellboy that have been released and you can view them below.



All Japan would officially confirm the match themselves on their Twitter account.

It isn’t known at present who will play the character in the ring, but it’s safe to say it won’t be the movies actor, Stranger Things’ David Harbour.

James Ryder