Does Anybody Even Know What It Means To Be A “Great Worker” (Part 1)

Does Anybody Even Know What It Means To Be A “Great Worker” (Part 1)

So, I was watching “Monday Night Raw” last week. It was the main event between Solo Sikoa and Kevin Owens. As the match progresses to its end, there is a spot where Sikoa lines up two rows of four metal folding chairs with the seat portions facing each other. From there, Sikoa flips Owens off the top rope and crashes him through the eight chairs.

As I sat watching in front of my computer, I must admit—even I SOLD MY BACK. Holy Sh*t . . . that HAD TO HURT! But, unfortunately, and apparently . . . it did not. Within a few seconds, Owen was back on his feet, super-kicking, cannon-balling and then chasing Sikoa through the crowd.

So, wait a minute. I just felt that chair spot a thousand miles away from my desk chair, but it had ZERO EFFECT on Kevin Owens WHATSOEVER. Really? Is this the Kevin Steen who I’m repeatedly told is a “GREAT WORKER”? Really? THAT KEVIN STEEN?!

This leads me to the question,” Does anybody know or understand what it means to be a “Great Worker”? The truth is, I don’t think they do. I don’t think they even have a clue. As a matter of fact, the “Father of the 5-star Ratings System”, Dave Meltzer, may be the most clueless of them all.

So that you understand, a Great Worker means you are supposed to be “WORKING” the crowd into believing that everything you are doing in that ring is REAL. In other words—the SH*T actually HURTS.

I, mean, like I’ve stated—now, for the third time—I myself felt the results from that chair spot, and I wasn’t even in the building . . . not even near it. But yet, the “Great Worker” Kevin Owens . . . felt NOTHING. He was up and about on the offensive before I could even let the spot sink in. Kevin Owens flat NO SOLD THE SPOT. He told me as a member of the viewing audience that as devastating as the maneuver looked . . . it didn’t phase him.

So now, as a television viewer, I’m confused. How, IN GOD’S NAME” did that NOT HURT? I mean, Kevin Owens is no Superman; he’s not even Shazam, for God’s sake. That had to hurt . . . didn’t it? Well, I guess not. And, I guess it didn’t hurt because all this shit is fake.

Kevin Owens “Great Worker”.

But, you know what? This isn’t about me burying Kevin Owens. This is the norm nowadays with every wrestler that comes on my TV screen. Each and every one of them goes through these spectacular series of high-flying, acrobatic, knee-slapping moves. . . but NO ONE GETS HURT. Hell, THEY RARELY EVEN GET PINNED. What they do is NO SELL. They get up from those three super kicks like a freshly baked, hot piping loaf of bread. They are unphased, didn’t feel a thing. HOW IS THAT HUMANLY POSSIBLE?!!!

It’s possible because in Pro Wrestling circa 2023 . . . NOBODY IS SELLING. Nobody. Wrestlers have literally told the casual wrestling/television audience that none of this is real. It all means nothing. The moves are fake. Nobody really gets hurt, and we don’t want you to think differently.

And . . . that is why they’ve left. The suspension of disbelief is no longer a thing. The wrestlers who are supposed to be “working” are not “working” at all—no—they’re just basically getting their shit in.

If I was still a producer and I was at “Raw” this past Monday night, I would have asked Solo and Owens one simple question, “Why even set up that chair spot if you’re not going to sell it?” Because by not selling it—IT MEANS NOTHING.

With that . . . what would their answers be? Because the wrestling Marks are going to “POP” for a length of 3-5 seconds? OK . . . so what exactly does that even equate to? What does that mean? You do this creative high spot, you no-sell it, and the Marks pop for a second . . . and . . .