WWE Talent Delayed In Saudi Arabia And Likely To Miss SmackDown

WWE Talent Delayed In Saudi Arabia And Likely To Miss SmackDown

We posted last night that WWE was facing a race against time to get to New York for Friday night SmackDown, and it seems the worst has happened.

The wrestlers and production crew were boarded on the plane and waiting to depart when told for an unknown reason, the flight couldn’t leave.

Vince McMahon had already left on his private jet but was able to arrange another flight but only for 12 people. Presumably, they are the main stars needed for SmackDown and should arrive with a few hours to spare. Brock Lesnar was also able to depart Saudi Arabia on his own private plane.

Previously advertised for the show has been Reigns vs. Corbin, The Revival vs. New, a 6 woman tag match, and Miz TV with Bray Wyatt. With the majority of the female wrestlers, and Miz not traveling to Saudia Arabia, it is likely Reigns, Corbin, Dawson, Wilder, Big E, Kingston, and Wyatt are amongst the 12.

There is no danger of SmackDown being canceled because along with the wrestlers traveling back, Daniel Bryan, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, The Miz, and the majority of the women’s roster will be available.

WWE will likely be reviewing their scheduling of international shows going forward, and I’m sure Vince McMahon is re-writing the show for the umpteenth time.

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