WWE Ring Announcer Deletes Derogatory Tweet About Lio Rush’s Retirement

WWE Ring Announcer Deletes Derogatory Tweet About Lio Rush’s Retirement

Lio Rush has announced his intention to retire from the wrestling business due to suffering an injury and deciding that competing in the squared circle is no longer best for him and his family. He does intend to honor his New Japan commitments, but after that, at the age of just 26, the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion will step away.

This news became a hot topic of conversation on social media. While many fans were worried about Rush and his mental health, one person who seemingly wasn’t was WWE ring announcer Greg Hamilton, who would quote tweet the news along with the below derogatory comment.

Wow…..unreal…..if we all didn’t have our own lives and families to take care of I just might pretend I give a [cursing emoji] . (On behalf of the wrestling family and community who work for a living) On to the gym. [eye-rolling emoji] Greg Hamilton

After being called out for this by fans, the SmackDown ring announcer deleted the tweet. Then when asked by a fan why he chose to remove it, he simply replied, “You tell me…..” There isn’t any publicly known heat between the pair, and they wouldn’t have worked together much, being on differing brands for most of their WWE careers. So at present, only Hamilton knows where the hostility came from.

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