Virtual Fan Plays Shocking Video During Raw’s Closing Angle

Virtual Fan Plays Shocking Video During Raw’s Closing Angle

WWE’s move to the Amway Center and introduction of the WWE Thunderdome was meant to give shows some sense of normality by allowing virtual fans to attend shows and be shown on screen reacting to the action.

It seemed inevitable some fans would have some “fun” with the technology. It started harmlessly enough with Mario and Pikachu’s images appearing on screen, then “Fire Velveteen Dream” and “MJF 2020” signs appeared. Soon things escalated to include photos of Chris Benoit, someone in a Klan robe, and most disturbingly, someone appearing to have their throat cut execution-style.

The apparent execution video aired in the background during Raw’s closing angle with Retribution. For obvious reasons, we will not link to it, but it can be easily found on Twitter. It isn’t known if it is genuine or fake footage, but regardless could get WWE in hot water with the USA Network.

While it is claimed WWE has moderators for the screens, the fact the videos need to be live to get fans reactions is clearly not working. WWE now has until SmackDown to clamp down on what is becoming a disturbing game of one-upmanship between trolls.

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