Príncipe Aéreo’s Cause Of Death Wasn’t A Heart Attack

Príncipe Aéreo’s Cause Of Death Wasn’t A Heart Attack

We reported yesterday that Luis Ángel Salazar, who wrestled as Príncipe Aéreo, passed away following a suspected heart attack while wrestling on Saturday night. However, the official medical report has now confirmed that his official cause of death was a ruptured middle cerebral artery, which is one of the arteries that supply blood to the brain.

The video circulating online showing his collapse starts mid-match and begins with Salazar receiving chops to the chest, which is why a heart attack was initially presumed.

Mexa Wrestling and Lucha Time, who were the were promoters behind the show Salazar was wrestling for at the time, have stated on Facebook that they will be covering all of his hospital and funeral costs.

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