Update In Lawsuit Between Linkin Park & Former Bassist

Update In Lawsuit Between Linkin Park & Former Bassist
Original Photo Credit: Marchett, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Linkin Park was the target of a lawsuit from their former bassist Kyle Christner. Christner alleged he was owed royalties for songs he appeared on during his brief stint with the band in 1999. Christner claimed to have “collaborated on and recorded numerous songs with the band,” but that he  had “never been paid a penny for his work with Linkin Park nor has he been properly credited.” 

The band responded and moved to have the lawsuit dismissed. They also questioned why it took more than two decades from the claims to have surfaced. 

This week, Linkin Park issued a statement through their label Warner Records saying that the parties had come to an “amicable resolution.”

“We are pleased to announce that we have reached an amicable resolution with bass guitarist Kyle Christner,” said a spokesperson for Linkin Park. “Kyle is a very talented musician who made valuable contributions to Linkin Park at a pivotal time in 1999. He performed with the band in several shows and many record label showcases. Kyle helped write and performed on many songs from that era, including some of the songs on the Hybrid Theory EP.”

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