The Second Sin Cara Has Requested His WWE Release

The Second Sin Cara Has Requested His WWE Release

Jorge Arias who stood in for the original, and then officially replaced Místico/Carístico as Sin Cara has requested his release from WWE.

He posted the below on Twitter in Spanish which says he feels he is not valued as an athlete or a talent and after waiting patiently he is not going to get an opportunity. He also believes the best years of his career are yet to come.

It is believed WWE is not currently issuing releases as both Luke Harper and Mike Kanellis have asked for their releases previously and been declined.

It should be noted that Arias would be unable to wrestle as Sin Cara anywhere else as it is a WWE owned gimmick. If they wanted they could put someone else under the mask, but they’d likely have to visit a tattoo parlor to make it believable.

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