The Ascension Reveal Their New Tag Team Name

The Ascension Reveal Their New Tag Team Name

The Ascension was released from WWE in December 2019, and once their non-compete clause was up, they wrestled twice on the indies before COVID-19 shut everything down. Now in an interview with, Viktor, now known Vik, and Konnor going by Big Kon, revealed that during the shutdown, they’ve chosen a new tag team name to use going forward.

We just got our new name basically, thankfully enough. We were going to use ‘FKA’ for the time being just because we liked that. We knew everybody just knew us as The Ascension for the longest time, and to jump off, we couldn’t really figure it out for a while. We’d been talking back and forth so much, going through all of these other ideas, and it kinda got presented to us the other week via interview. Do you want to tell him?Vik
The Awakening. It’s like it’s the next step up from The Ascension. It’s still got that connection so the fans can understand it, and it’s something that Vik and I think is badass regardless.Big Kon

The Ascension, or The Awakening as we need to get used to calling them, had a great run in NXT but flopped on the main roster. They are now looking to rebuild their careers on the independent scene before potentially returning to national TV.

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