Talk Is Jericho: Tiger King 2 – Who Killed Carole Baskin’s Husband?

Talk Is Jericho: Tiger King 2 – Who Killed Carole Baskin’s Husband?

“Tiger King 2” on Netflix delves into the mystery behind the disappearance of Carole Baskin’s husband, Don Lewis. Don went missing in 1997, and people speculated that Carole may have killed him. YouTuber Ripper Jack developed an interest in Don Lewis’ missing person case after seeing the original “Tiger King” documentary series and started both a Facebook Group (called Don Lewis Cold Case) and a YouTube channel to investigate Don’s disappearance. Ripper’s done extensive interviews with witnesses and people who knew Don examined thousands of public documents, taken many trips to Florida, and shared some interesting evidence with law enforcement. Ripper, who’s featured in “Tiger King 2,” recounts Don Lewis’ last couple of days, what Carole and Don’s longtime friend and employee Kenny Farr were doing the last day Don was reportedly seen alive, and Ripper pokes holes in Carole’s late-night cat milk run story the night before Don disappeared. Plus, Ripper exclusively reveals new evidence recently uncovered in the case!

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