Talk Is Jericho: The Secret Society of Bohemian Grove

Talk Is Jericho: The Secret Society of Bohemian Grove

There’s a secret society called the Bohemian Club that holds a two-week exclusive event every year at Bohemian Grove in the Redwoods just north of San Francisco. Tim Chizmar (of The Game fame) returns to discuss this invitation-only, elite club that offers membership exclusively to rich and powerful men (most of whom are white). Famous actors, musicians, artists, businessmen, and politicians are among the members who dress like druids and worship a 40-foot giant Owl god voiced by Walter Cronkite. Alex Jones infiltrated Bohemian Grove in 2000 and filmed one of their rituals, the Creation of Care. Journalist Phillip Weiss from Spy Magazine also snuck into Bohemian Grove in 1989 and wrote an in-depth piece on their activities and location. And Tim Chizmar has three first-hand accounts about Bohemian Grove from former employees. But the real question to ask is, is Bohemian Grove just a summer camp for powerful, rich men or is there something else more sinister and nefarious going on among the trees and in the elaborate tunnels rumored to run beneath the forest?

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