Talk Is Jericho: The Miami Mall Alien Invasion

Talk Is Jericho: The Miami Mall Alien Invasion

On New Year’s Day, a group of 50 or so teens started a riot at the Bayside Marketplace, an outdoor mall just a few miles away from Miami’s infamous South Beach. The teens were allegedly lighting off fireworks and fighting, and that led to complete panic and chaos at the mall, along with numerous arrests. But social media had a completely different accounting of what happened at the mall! Grainy video footage was posted showing an 8 to 10-foot grey beings; pictures of an overwhelming police response at the scene appeared, and social media reports of a large-scale power outage started surfacing, along with accounts of a full air traffic stoppage at Miami Dade International Airport. So which was it? Riotous teens creating mayhem? Or are aliens invading Earth? The Paranormal 60’s Dave Schrader, along with ex-military Texas law enforcement officer Greg Lawson break down the scene in Miami! They also discuss infrasound, Project Blue Beam, USOs, and the recent Congressional Hearings.

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