Talk Is Jericho: The Gruesome Crimes Of The Toolbox Killers

Talk Is Jericho: The Gruesome Crimes Of The Toolbox Killers

Criminologist Laura Brand is the executive producer of “The Toolbox Killer” documentary currently streaming on Peacock. It’s the horrific, true crime story of two sadistic serial killers, Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris, who terrorized and killed teenage girls in Southern California over five months in 1979. The pair often used tools found in a typical toolbox to torture and maim their victims before murdering them. Laura Brand built up a relationship with Lawrence Bittaker before he died on San Quentin’s Death Row in 2019 and managed to get him to open up about the crimes as well as share the possible location of two of their victims whose remains have never been recovered. Laura explains who and why she got involved in the case, some of the details of Bittaker and Norris’ heinous crimes, how and when they were finally caught, and how Laura managed to get Bittaker to confide so much in her.

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