Talk Is Jericho: The Evolution Of 80s Heavy Metal

Talk Is Jericho: The Evolution Of 80s Heavy Metal

Rudy Sarzo (of Quiet Riot, Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake, & Dio fame), Raven’s John and Mark Gallagher, and bassist PJ Farley (of Trixter & Fozzy fame) bring the sex, drugs, and rock & roll to the Evolution of 80s Heavy Metal! The stories from the studio and the stage are almost unbelievable and include the immensely talented Randy Rhoads, a very young Metallica, the mythical KISS, and the behemoth 1983 US Festival! There are tales about the origin of Quiet Riot and the writing of the “Metal Health” album, what caused Raven to be dropped from the massive Judas Priest Turbo Tour, the truth about Randy Rhoads planning to quit Ozzy’s band, and why three “heys” from Paul Stanley was more than enough acknowledgment for PJ Harvey and Trixter. The guys talk gold records, bad record deals, the MTV influence, Winnebago tours, and the grunge cloud that all but killed heavy metal as soon as it burst onto the scene.

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