Talk Is Jericho: Nudists & Naturists

Talk Is Jericho: Nudists & Naturists

Tim Chizmar is a nudist versus a naturist, and explains the difference between the two, and then clarifies how “artists” fit into the picture. He talks about the unlikely television series that inspired him to become a nudist, how he started participating in nude events like bike rides and marathons, and why there is nothing sexual about it. He discusses the unspoken rules of the nudist scene, the major faux pas to avoid, nudist etiquette, and the one taboo word in the community. Tim shares stories from his nude stand-up comedy tour, the infamous Bay To Breakers run in San Francisco, the many naked bike rides that take place all over the States, and his nude comedy film, The Nudels of Nudeland (streaming on Troma). He talks about the positive impact that nudists have on body acceptance and positivity, and what’s attracting the younger generation to the scene. Plus, he details the celebrities who support the nudist scene.

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