Talk Is Jericho: Lucha Teotl – Lucha Libre Live On The Theater Stage

Talk Is Jericho: Lucha Teotl – Lucha Libre Live On The Theater Stage

What happens when you combine the high-flying explosive style of lucha libre wrestling with Aztec Mythology and you drop it onto a theater stage in a Chicago playhouse (starting September 29th)? You get Lucha Teotl – the unique theater experience that puts the wrestling ring at center stage. Lucha Teotl co-creator Christopher Ramirez along with stars Paloma Starr and Aski The Mayan Warrior talk about what it’s like to bring wrestling to the theater, and the work it took to put this wrestling play together. Aski reveals the difference between producing matches for a 90-minute play versus a traditional wrestling show, and how he trained the performers. Paloma reveals what it was like to stretch her acting chops as the Aztec Moon Goddess and adapt her in-ring performance for a non-mic’ed theater. Plus, Christopher shares what inspired this theater project and story in the first place, how he and co-creator Jeff Colangelo convinced the theater to give them a shot, and what it was like to construct sets, staging, and a ring for this presentation.

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