Talk Is Jericho: John Lennon – The Final Interview

Talk Is Jericho: John Lennon – The Final Interview

Writer and producer Laurie Kaye spent a fateful day with John Lennon and Yoko Ono at the legendary Dakota apartment building on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Little did she know as she entered the building in December 1980 that not only would it be John’s last interview, but Laurie herself would come face-to-face with his killer. Laurie details the amazing afternoon she spent with John and Yoko, the conversation they shared, the laughs and jokes, and the future plans they made before they all left the Dakota together that evening. She chronicles the events that led up to her sit-down with John Lennon, what it was like to meet John and Yoko in person and the interactions they had with the man who would later assassinate the former Beatle. She explains how she found out Lennon was murdered, what she did in the immediate moments after, and the impact that tragic event has had on her life ever since.

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