Talk Is Jericho: Jacoby Shaddix’s Ego Trip

Talk Is Jericho: Jacoby Shaddix’s Ego Trip

Papa Roach scored four #1 singles off their latest album, “Ego Trip,” including “Leave A Light On,” of which they’re donating a portion of their royalties to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Frontman Jacoby Shaddix explains how suicide has touched his life dating back to the lyrics of the band’s monster first single, “Last Resort,” which just crossed the 1 billion mark in streams! He talks early days trying to get noticed and signed, selling music to kids waiting in line at Korn shows, the origin of his Coby Dick name, being arrested after the band’s Ozzfest set in New Jersey in ‘01, the reaming he got from Sharon Osbourne, and the time Ozzy watched them from side stage in the pouring rain. He shares stories about their best and worst gigs, how they adapted to the changing music industry, why he loves social media so much, and what the band has planned for this year and beyond.

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