Talk Is Jericho: Far Beyond Driven – The Story of Jose Mangin & The Pantera Limo

Talk Is Jericho: Far Beyond Driven – The Story of Jose Mangin & The Pantera Limo

Pantera brothers Vinnie Paul and Darrell “Dimebag” Abbott loved riding in limos, so they got one of their own! Vinnie used it extensively after Dime’s death, and when Vinnie Paul passed in 2018, the limo was given to longtime, diehard Pantera fan and SiriusXM Octane host Jose Mangin! Jose explains how he found out about the generous gift, what it took to get the limo from Texas to Southern California with almost no notice, and how he went about getting the limo fully restored! Jose spared no expense when it came to the restoration and added some amazing tributes to the Abbott brothers in the limo’s interior, along with a very cool salute to the fans who contributed to the GoFundMe to help raise money for the process. Jose walks us through the year-plus-long journey to get the limo restored and running again and shares the feedback he got from Dime’s widow, Rita, and the rest of the Pantera family. Jose & Chris detail the adventures they each had in the limo with Vinnie Paul, and Jose reveals his plans for the limo’s future and how YOU can experience it (and party in it) for yourself!

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