Talk Is Jericho: Demos, Ratings, and Wrestlenomics

Talk Is Jericho: Demos, Ratings, and Wrestlenomics

Today’s Talk Is Jericho is with Brandon Thurston, the guy behind Wrestlenomics, and he’s talking about tracking the ratings for AEW, WWE, and Impact Wrestling, among others. He charts what each TV show is doing in terms of audience and demographics and what those numbers mean for each company’s success and growth potential and the business in general. Plus, he explains how ratings work, the difference between total audience and demographics, and why the latter is more important to advertisers. Additionally, he predicts the future of WWE and AEW’s television deals and what will happen if big tech companies like Amazon, Apple, and Netflix decide to get into the wrestling business. Plus, he explains why AEW’s next TV deal will shake up the industry.

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