System Of A Down Drummer Lashes Out At Kanye West

System Of A Down Drummer Lashes Out At Kanye West
Original Photo Credits: John Dolmayan’s Instagram - | Kanye West -

System Of A Down drummer John Dolmayan made headlines a few months back when he claimed he lost “hundreds of thousands of fans who couldn’t handle my opinions on Instagram.” Dolmayan previously voiced his support for former U.S. president Donald Trump. 

“When you endeavor to help those in peril, or guide those that are being duped, sometimes you lose because of it. You do it anyway,” he wrote at the time. “And I’ll do it again.”

Dolmayan again took to social media this weekend to rip rapper Kanye West for posting a revealing photo of his wife, Bianca Censori. West shared several photos of Censori including one of her in a cleavage-bearing top as he wrote “Caption this.” 

Dolmayan responded: “Show some class man. You have kids who look to you for moral guidance and this is supposed to be the person you protect the most. Your wife isn’t supposed to be your trophy ,she’s your place of pride and dignity. This isn’t the way.”

Another Instagram user defended West to which the drummer doubled down saying: “would you show pictures of your wife’s tits to your friends ? Your parents ?” he wrote. “If so you and I don’t see things the same way and no amount of explaining will change that. Good luck to you”.

System Of A Down has a bit of history with Kanye’s former family, the Kardashians. Singer Serj Tankian previously praised Kim Kardashian for using her platform to raise awareness on the 1915 Armenian genocide. 

“I’ll tell you something about Kim — I have a lot of respect for her,” he said. “When it comes to issues of justice, she’s been really great. When it comes to spreading awareness about the need for recognition of the Armenian genocide, about what’s going on in Artsakh right now, the revolution that happened in Armenia that no one in the U.S. knew about, she’s been really amazing. I’ve met her a few times.”

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