Sting Is No Longer Contracted To World Wrestling Entertainment

Sting Is No Longer Contracted To World Wrestling Entertainment

It always appeared Sting was the one that got away from Vince McMahon after he opted to join TNA over WWE in the years following WCW’s closure. He would though eventually sign with WWE in 2014 and debut during the main event of Survivor Series confronting Triple H, which lead to a marquee match between the pair at WrestleMania 31.

Since then, Sting has been with the company either as a wrestler or ambassador, but it’s understood that it is no longer the case as Mattel has confirmed they’ve removed Sting from their upcoming Legends Series 7 action figure range. A new deal is always possible, but as of writing, Sting is finished with WWE, and there will be no new Sting merchandise.

Sting’s time in WWE was very mixed, as he would receive a Hall of Fame induction in 2016, and received one of his best-ever payoffs competing at WrestleMania 31. He was though, booked to lose the match to the confusion of fans around the world, and buried on commentary throughout. Sadly he would also suffer a career-ending injury in a match against Seth Rollins at 2015’s Night of Champion PPV.

Despite being retired, speculation that Sting could join AEW is already abundant on social media, especially as Sting has recently been more active on Twitter, and tweeted about AEW’s Lance Archer.

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