Skid Row Singer Leaves Band & Replacement Announced

Skid Row Singer Leaves Band & Replacement Announced
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Former H.E.A.T. vocalist Erik Gronwall joined Skid Row in 2022, and the band released a critically-acclaimed album, “The Gangs All Here.”

Gronwall had been touring with the group since, but the band had to postpone several concerts due to his health challenges. Gronwall previously received a bone marrow transplant after being diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia about three years ago, and it makes it more difficult for the singer to recover from being sick. On Wednesday, Gronwall and Skid Row announced that the singer is leaving the band and will be replaced by Lzzy Hale of Halestorm for four upcoming concerts. 

“Yes, I have decided to leave Skid Row,” Gronwall said in a social media post. ⠀⠀

“The main reason being that it’s proved difficult to prioritize my health and full recovery as the lead singer of the band. In 2021 I was undergoing treatment against leukemia and that gave me a superpower called perspective. I decided to use that perspective and write down the values I wanted to live by for the rest of my life. On top of that list it says ‘health first.'”⠀

Gronwall continued: “I’ve had to look at that list a lot of times this last year, questioning if I’m really living according to my values. At the end of the day I realized the answer was no. As a result of the treatments and transplant my immune system was impaired. You can think of my immune system as a 4 year old kid bringing home all kinds of viruses from preschool. It takes awhile to build up that resistance again but my immune system is getting stronger every day. However I’m still doing regular check ups (blood tests) at the hematology department in Sweden, which has proved challenging while keeping up with the Skid Row schedule. I have way too much respect for my medical history to push myself to the limit.”

“I love Skid Row, I have nothing but respect for the guys in the band but I love and respect my health more. I understand that Skid Row is a touring band but like I told the guys: ‘if I can’t prioritize my health, then I’m not the right guy for the job.’” 

“Please note, I’m NOT sick and it’s not that I don’t want to tour. I love being on the road … Always remember that no job, no money, no fame is worth your health or well being. Health first always. I owe this decision to the guy in the second picture and I’m proud to be able to say that I kept my promise to him. Health first!”

Skid Row also made an announcement: “Today Skid Row and Erik Gronwall jointly announce that Erik will step down as the vocalist for Skid Row. Longtime friend Lzzy Hale of Halestorm will be taking over vocal duties for the upcoming scheduled four concerts.” 

“Skid Row is proud of what they have created and accomplished with Erik over the past two years and we wish nothing but the best to him and his health. To celebrate the last two years the band will be released a live album the perfectly captures this moment in time in the band’s 35+ year history, to be announced soon.” 

Hale’s first show with the band will be May 17 in Carterville, Illinois. Gronwall’s departure will of course lead to speculation that the band could reunite with classic singer Sebastian Bach, but Skid Row has long said that won’t happen. 

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