Ryback Harshly Criticizes Vince McMahon And Says Triple H Isn’t WWE’s Savior

Ryback Harshly Criticizes Vince McMahon And Says Triple H Isn’t WWE’s Savior

Ryback is currently in training for a comeback after being out of the ring for the last two years with a back injury. It isn’t known which promotion he will soon be calling home, but based on his tweets from last night, a WWE return isn’t likely. He was replying to fans asking him about WWE’s business and didn’t hold back, as you can read in the below replies.

It was ALWAYS the talent. He just created a platform as a human circus that he modified from his father. The guy is a piece of shit, can’t stress this enough. World will be a better place when he passes. This isn’t wishing death, but stating an opinion I believe to be trueRyback
I simply think if AEW just does the opposite of what WWE has done since Vince Jr came along they will take over as number one. Vince’s days are numbers and the ship is slowly sinking. I believe in selling for good, it might mean slightly less profits, but it’s the best for allRyback
Pussy Paul is not the savior to anything. He will go down with the ship. Ryback
I love wrestling, just don’t care for WWE. Fans need to stop putting the brand above the performers. You’ve all been brainwashed to think Vince is some sort of genius. The guy is as corrupt as a lot of other greedy businesses profiting for bad and need to wake the f*ck up.Ryback

The changes of Ryback going back to WWE in the first place were very slim as he is currently fighting them over the trademark for his name. However, numerous wrestlers we never thought would step back in a WWE ring have returned over the years. Ryback, though, might have burnt that bridge for good.

As for thinking the world will be a better place when Vince McMahon passes, he may have some time to wait for that to happen, as McMahon told Kurt Angle he plans to live until he is 105.

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