Rusev Talks About Finding Out WWE Didn’t Care About Him Or “Rusev Day”

Rusev Talks About Finding Out WWE Didn’t Care About Him Or “Rusev Day”

Rusev, who now goes by Miro, a shortened version of his real name following his release from WWE, was the guest on this week’s The Ryback Show podcast. It was a fascinating conversation, and Miro would open up on his feelings about his time with WWE.

He would say he knew WWE didn’t care about him after not contacting him while he was in the hospital recovering from shoulder surgery in March 2017.

After I give up my life for this freaking company like not even one person reached out, you know what I mean. Not Vince, not Hunter, not Carrano, nobody was man enough to be like, “Hey bud, are you ok? Do you need anything? I know you’re in the hospital, you’re by yourself because your wife is at freaking work!'”

I’m there laying by myself in the hospital, and nobody cares man, and then at the same time, you’re like, “What am I doing?” Like why am I giving everything I have, and I understand it’s my dream, but gosh darn man. Thank God, I did enough for my investments, I don’t need to work there at all. My wife is happy. Good for her. I’m done. I am done. Miro

He’d also express his frustration with the company not capitalizing on him getting “Rusev Day” over, and how Vince McMahon downplayed his t-shirt selling out.

They started putting my segments early so the Rusev chants can go away. There was a period where I wasn’t even supposed to be at WrestleMania, the one that I lost to Jinder, at the height of my career of Rusev Day. I was not on TV for three weeks.

I said, “Vince, we have sold out all of our merchandise. We are beating Roman. We are beating AJ. We are beating everybody.” He said, “what do you mean?” I said, “the shirt is sold out, the merch is sold out” and he said, “well, maybe they didn’t make enough.” I’m like, “they didn’t make enough shirts? That’s why my shirt is sold out? Not because we are doing good? Really? You’re going to give me that excuse?” Miro

Miro is currently taking a break from wrestling after his dream of working for WWE didn’t go the way he wanted. However, Cody Rhodes has stated he is interested in bringing Rusev to AEW, so it seems inevitable he will join the promotion sooner rather than later. In the meantime, Miro is focused on building up his Twitch subscriber base, which is growing by the day, despite receiving a temporary ban from the live streaming service.

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