Rock Hall Inductees Will Be Revealed On A Very Non-Rock Show

Rock Hall Inductees Will Be Revealed On A Very Non-Rock Show

The latest inductees for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame will be announced on Sunday, April 21. Ozzy Osbourner, Foreigner, Jane’s Addiction, Oasis, Peter Frampton and Lenny Kravitz were nominated, as were Mariah Carey, Sinead O’Connor, Cher, Sade, Mary J. Blige, A Tribe Called Quest, Dave Matthews band, Eric B. & Rakim and Kool & The Gang.

The Rock Hall almost always stirs up controversy when inductees are announced. Notable rock and metal artists not in the Hall still include this year’s aforementioned rock-based nominees along with Iron Maiden, Motörhead, MC5, Bad Company, The Runaways, Thin Lizzy and Smashing Pumpkins, among others. 

The inductees of the Class of 2024 are also about to be announced on a decidedly non-rock show, “American Idol.” Host Ryan Seacrest and “Idol” judge Lionel Richie will make the announcements. Also on the April 21 show, KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons will serve as a guest mentor for the top 14 “Idol” contenders. 

Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan offered a solution to the seemingly constant Rock Hall controversy. “A general criticism is, ‘Why have a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame if the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame isn’t only relegated to rock ‘n’ roll?’” Corgan said. “Personally, I think Willie Nelson belongs in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Because there’s no real clear definition, it’s confusing to people.”

He continued: “Why don’t you just call it the Music Hall of Fame? I quantify rock ‘n’ roll as more of a spirit thing … I think it’s hard for people to understand the definitive qualities, especially when you start putting in pop artists who are strictly pop artists. Now if the argument is that, over time, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has morphed into an institutional culture which is more the ‘Music Hall of Fame,’ then I think that would be easier for people to understand.”

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